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A Reflection on 2022 at Salmond College

2022 has been a unique year in the history of Salmond College. Through the Covid pandemic, the tight-knit community that is a hallmark of Salmond has never been more evident, with staff serving the residents with dedication, energy and care. All staff, including the team of live-in Residential Leaders, worked tirelessly through the pandemic and, as a result, forged excellent relationships with residents. The successful way the College navigated Covid, alongside Knox College and the other Dunedin Colleges, says much about the College Board, the staff and the residents themselves. Feedback from parents and residents regarding the pastoral care provided through this time has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. There is no doubt this has been a huge team effort.

As we were unable to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in 2021 due to Covid, the reunion was rescheduled to take place from 25-27 November 2022. A dedicated committee was set up to plan a programme to be enjoyed by all those attending, allowing space to reconnect with old friends and appreciate the changes that have taken place over the past 50 years. The reunion provided an excellent opportunity to unveil a ‘Wall of Fame’, which features the achievements and life stories of 25 ex-Salmond residents and will be a source of inspiration for many young Salmonders in the years to come.

The past two years have seen a broadening of cultural inclusiveness at Salmond.

International Performance Salmond College Dunedin
International Performance - Salmond College

The Ngāi Tahu whakataukī Ko te toa I a tini, I a mano o te takata – It is the bravery of a multitude, of thousands of people – has been a gift to the college community. Attributed to Tū Whakauika and Te Oreorehua, the whakataukī refers to the strength of collectivity. It reminds us of the power of a living community stretching back several generations, and fosters hope as the Salmond family continues to grow with each new intake of residents. Furthermore, the friendship developed with the incoming Dean of Te Tumu and new Salmond College and Knox College Board member Associate Professor Patrick Vakaoti, has been significant to the College. Patrick has introduced residents to aspects of Pacific Culture through the talanoa, enabling residents to share their lives more deeply through this rich cultural experience. The beautiful Masi which hangs in the foyer was gifted by Patrick, his wife Vanisha and son Rafa.

Talanoa Salmond College Dunedin May 2022
Talanoa - Salmond College (May 2022)

Salmond College mascot Sammy the Salmon has been busy making a mark on the tertiary collegiate community. Residents have been leading the way in intercollege battles, be they in the debating hall, the netball court, the football field or on the Battle-of-the-Bands stage. The number of placings in intercollege competitions this year is a credit to senior staff, Residential Leaders and the residents themselves. Highlights include winning the competitive grade volleyball, the recreational grade basketball, the children’s literature section of the arts competition, and second place in the drawing section. Coupled with third places in badminton, basketball, football, futsal and netball, Salmond is growing a reputation as a college that gets stuck into the intercollege competition.

Tom Fui and Lam - Salmond College Dunedin
Tom Fui and Lam - Salmond College

In recent years volunteering, in the form of service to the wider community, has become a focus for Salmond College. Beach clean-ups, garden clean-ups, tree planting, contributions to Op-shops, and projects on Quarantine Island have been some of the activities in which residents have participated.

Daffodil Day Cancer collection: Grace, Zoe and Bella - Salmond College Dunedin
Daffodil Day Cancer collection: Grace, Zoe and Bella

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, there have been fewer opportunities in 2022 to participate in social action. However, the growing relationship with the local organisation ‘The Valley Project’ has staff planning projects for the second semester this year, including the ‘Spring Clean’ in late September, and projects for the class of 2023. These opportunities to give back to the community are an important part of the College’s special character.

Nick Bates

Head of Salmond College


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