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Jonathan McLeay

2019 Knox College Scholarship Recipient

I am extremely grateful to the Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College for the scholarship I received. This greatly assisted me in being able to attend Knox College. My time at Knox College provided me with a range of benefits that I believe have set me in good stead for the rest of university. This included the excellent tutoring programme provided by the college as well as getting to meet and learn off a variety of university staff who are fellows of the college. The annual senior common room debate, where students face off against a team of sub-masters, post-graduate students and college fellows, as well as the informative Sunday evening presentations were particular highlights for me. The scholarship also enabled me to focus more fully on my study of first year law which culminated in me gaining entry into the law programme.


Kate Caradus 

2020 Salmond Scholarship Recipient

I wanted to say thank you for choosing me to be one of your scholarship recipients; it means the world to me that you would think that highly of me. I understand that being awarded one of these is a real privilege and that makes me proud to know that among the other applicants my application stood out. 

I am looking forward to working and helping Salmond Hall in the future, both while I’m here at Otago and later on in life. 

I am truely excited for this coming year and believe that me being at Salmond will enhance my “uni experience” and help set me up for success. I am already thinking about possibly applying to come back as a Residential Leader in the next couple of years. 

This years RL’s are a true inspiration as they are all so kind and generous with their time and knowledge. If I come back as an RL, I would hope to be even half as amazing as them, so that the residents that I connect with would see me as both a resource and a friend. 

George Sutton

2019 Foundation Scholar at Salmond

Great grandson of James Salmond

When you hear that the best thing about a residential college is the people, it can seem like a non-answer. How do you know the people in your year will be as amazing, as fantastic, and as friendly as in the years prior? Take it from me, not only are the facilities great and the food top notch, but the people here are pretty awesome too.


I don't think it's an overstatement to say that the scholarship was one of the reasons I was lucky enough to get into second year law for 2020. Because I spent less time worrying about my finances throughout the year and more time studying and attending tutorials, when the end of the year came about, I was as prepared as I could possibly be. When you move away from home and become a student in a new city, every dollar counts, and I'm incredibly grateful to the foundation.

Julia Hilterscheid 

2019 Foundation Scholar at Knox

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend Knox college, thanks to the Foundation’s Scholarship. Knox has shaped my first year at University with its many social and sporting events, community living environment and academic support. I played rugby, basketball, volleyball and football against Selwyn College, and the final result for the Cameron Shield was Knox winning for the first time in 7 years! 


Other activities I participated in: the overnight tree planting trip to the Wetlands, the Larnach Castle and Suburbia balls, a road trip on the West Coast of the South Island (one of the highlights of the year) and the Knox Ski Trip - which would have been unaffordable had it not been for the Scholarship. 

Some papers I took this year were particularly challenging such as Math 170, however with the help of tutors provided by Knox I made the required grades and exceeded my own expectations! 


Ben Johnson

2018 Recipient

Knox College was without a doubt my first choice of residential college but without the scholarship, I was unsure whether or not I would be able to attend due to financial reasons. Residing at Knox has given me the most amazing opportunities, which include but are not limited to: performing at formal dinners, singing in the Chapel Choir, partaking in many Nevill Cup events against Selwyn College, meeting and getting to know an ex-professional opera singer, and lastly making friends that I, without a doubt, call my family.

Because of the generosity of the Foundation, I was able to be financially stable throughout the year, not have to seek part time work and it allowed me to concentrate fully on my studies.

Julia Harvey

2017 Recipient

The scholarship allowed me to attend Knox College, where I have had incredible cultural and leadership opportunities, as well as a rich academic and social experience. With the support of this scholarship, I did not have to work and this allowed me to take every academic opportunity I was presented with. Not only have I achieved academic success and made an incredible group of friends at the College, but I was also lucky enough to obtain the role of Knox College Beadle (ceremonial officer) for my second year in the College, thus enriching my leadership experience even further. With this role I have had the chance to help maintain the traditions that make Knox College so unique, while networking with outstanding role models.

This would not have been possible without the generous support of those behind the Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College Scholarship, and I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient of this award.



2018 Recipient

Playing representative cricket meant that I didn’t have the time to work and therefore attending University would be a financial burden on my family. However, the Scholarship changed this by enabling me to continue with my sporting career and pursue a B.Sc.

I am very grateful to the Foundation for supporting me.

" I saw winning

the scholarship

as both a reward

for my hard work

and also as recognition

for my efforts. "

Lucy Mcllwaine

2018 Recipient

The Foundation Scholarship enabled me to move from Auckland to Dunedin to take up a place at Salmond College, where I immediately felt like a valued and respected member of the Salmond community.

The Scholarship has also allowed me to achieve high grades in my Human Nutrition degree as I have not had to seek part time work. I loved my time at Salmond and am very grateful for both the pastoral and financial support I received during my time there.


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