Scholarship FAQs

How much is an accommodation scholarship worth?

Each College is offering a number of accommodation scholarships. Each scholarship is worth between $1,000 and $4,000 towards the cost of accommodation fees. There is an expectation that scholarship recipients will be actively involved in the life of their respective College.

When do I find out if I have been awarded an accommodation scholarship?

The accommodation scholarship results are typically advised one month after the scholarship deadline - usually by the end of October.

How many students receive accommodation scholarships?

The number of accommodation scholarships available fluctuates each year depending on the funding we receive from our donors and the calibre of applicants. Typically, a total of approximately $40,000 is awarded annually, to about 10-12 students.

Is there a maximum age for accommodation scholarship applicants?

The Foundation places no restriction on the age of candidates applying as long as they fit the accommodation scholarship criteria.

I meet most of the eligibility criteria for the accommodation scholarship but not all of the criteria listed in the regulations. Can I still apply?

Yes you can. Selection will depend on which criteria you do not meet and the strength of the field of applicants. If you want guidance, please contact the Head of Knox College or the Head of Salmond College.

I am intending to return to College for a second year. Can I still apply for an accommodation scholarship?

The accommodation scholarship is normally available only to first year students. However, the Foundation does make provision for a limited number of returner scholarships for Salmond College. Please contact the Head of Salmond College for further information.

What is the closing date for the accommodation scholarships?

Applications must be received by midnight on the 30 September 2021. Late applications may be considered by emailing the Heads of the Colleges direct: head@knoxcollege.ac.nz or head@salmondcollege.ac.nz

Who assesses the applications?

The Trustees of the Foundation and the Masters of both Knox and Salmond College assess the accommodation scholarship applications.

How is the accommodation scholarship paid?

The accommodation scholarship is paid to the College and deducted from your accommodation fee proportionately according to the payment option you have selected. If you choose to pay your fee in four instalments, a quarter of your accommodation scholarship will be credited to each instalment.