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Leadership Awards for Returning Students

A Letter from the Board of Knox College and Salmond College

We hope that you have fond memories of your time in residence at one of the Colleges. Much as it was in your own time of residency, our vision is for Knox and Salmond Colleges to be world-class residential colleges where students are part of a community that affirms and empowers every resident, expands thought and outlook, encourages service, fosters leadership, and builds strong bonds of friendship.

Leadership Awards for Returning Students

Fund-raising Campaign Launch

To help us achieve this goal, we are launching a fund-raising campaign amongst our alumni communities to support the offering of leadership awards to returning students at the two Colleges.

The financial challenges of student life are becoming more acute as increasing numbers of students work longer hours in paid employment to pay for their studies and living expenses. Clearly this has a detrimental effect on their academic achievement and their capacity to enjoy their student years. At Knox and Salmond Colleges we want to support students to develop personally and academically and to help ease such financial stress.

Your support will help us develop young leaders who will enhance the life of the Colleges and give them skills for leadership in the wider community. We are offering awards to promising young leaders who are already making positive contributions to the life of their College and to the well-being of other students and and who are seeking to return for a second or third year of residence.

We plan to provide further leadership opportunities for them within the College community, and to offer leadership training and mentoring to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Leadership opportunities will be provided across a wide range of College activities, cultural, sporting, academic, spiritual, and in service to the wider community. Our aim is to develop the skills of young leaders that will benefit the respective College communities and prepare students for a bright future.

Thank you in advance for considering a contribution to the students of Knox and Salmond Colleges. Any contribution, of whatever size will be deeply appreciated and will be directed entirely to the support and development of today’s student leaders.

Knox and Salmond Colleges Incorporated Society is a registered charity so your donation will qualify for a tax credit.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do on this site.

We are grateful for your support and encourage you to visit your former College should you find yourself in Dunedin at any time.

Thank you again!

From the Board of Knox College and Salmond College

The Board of Knox College and Salmond College


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